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Wall Wire Holder - Code SHH04

Wall Wire Holder - Code SHH04

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Code SHH04

TUFFA’s Wall Wire Holder is an advanced cable supporter that can be quickly and easily fixed to walls, door frames and other locations – using predrilled holes (screws supplied) to elevate cables off of the work surface and out of harm’s way. Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic, it can support several leads, cables, and hoses as a temporary or permanent fixture in its five housing compartments.
It removes site tripping hazards during the construction and installation stages of a new build or retrofit projects, assisting safety practitioners in complying with various occupational health and safety regulations. When used on-site, its red colour makes it highly visible, and it is fully reusable and recyclable. Maintenance free. Non-conductive material. Removes trip hazards.

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