Tag Colour Guide – what you need to know

Did you know, under Electrical and OSH regulations, if you are a member of company management you are now personally liable for safety testing. As of 2010, ALL electrical appliances in ALL businesses must be periodically tested for safety.

OSH regulations make it mandatory to comply with the electrical regulations in New Zealand. Any accident with an untagged appliance would result in a prosecution by OSH unless you can prove that it has been periodically tested to an approved standard.


What you need to do

You should know that in-service testing is necessary for the safety of persons using the equipment and for the proper discharge of the obligations of Employers and Employees as listed in legislation covering occupational health & safety matters.

This standard specifies in-service safety inspection and testing protocols and criteria that satisfy these obligations, and provides a cost-effective approach to safety without jeopardising personal safety or involving excessive equipment downtime.

Inspected and tested…

Appliances shall be inspected, tested and tagged by a competent person at intervals in accordance with this standard and records kept for seven years.

And tagged with a NZ Tags Tag!

Following testing, compliant equipment shall be fitted with a durable, non-reusable, non-metallic tag or other indicator. Special techniques shall not be required to identify the equipment. Note: This shall not preclude tags from also bearing a code to facilitate electronic data collection.

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Your Guide to the Colour codes:

Red: December – February
Green: March – May
Blue: June – August
Yellow: September – November
Orange: 6 Monthly | January – June
White: 6 Monthly | July – December
Black: Yearly
Grey: 2 Yearly
Burgundy: 5 Yearly
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